FS-Curtis: Recip and Rotary

We have a complete portfolio of FS-Curtis Air Compressors to meet any solution needed.  From Portable Gas Reciprocating to Award-winning Rotary Screw, we have you covered!

Our Sales team will help you identify your needs and promise to find a cost-effective solution.  We take pride in understanding the customer needs and being transparent through the sales process.

World-Class Service to Minimize Downtime

Our Factory Certified Service Team is able to not only service FS-Elliott and FS-Curtis systems, but can keep any manufacturer's Air Compressor performing at peak performance to drive your business forward.  We have customers that depend on us and we do not let them down.

We guarantee our service and commit that you will be happy.

FS-Elliott: Centrifugal

By specializing in centrifugal technology, FS-Elliott has been at the forefront of centrifugal compressor design and engineering, incorporating the latest aerodynamic and control system technologies to ensure optimum performance.

Over 50 years of experience enables us to deliver reliable, energy-efficient air compressors with the lowest cost of ownership.

Genuine Parts for Peace of Mind

FS-Curtis and FS-Elliott parts are designed to meet the highest performance standards. When you use OEM parts to maintain or repair your air compressor, you're using parts that meet the same performance standards that your Air Compressor met when it was brand new.

You can't go wrong.